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The Thread Studio Thread Winder
Embroidery thread winders are every stitcher's favourite go-to notion. These 'no kink' winders are great for holding all types and sizes of thread, but are a must have for more delicate threads. Each pack includes 10 winders, maximum width 8.7 cm.


Pack of ten: $12.00 ($10.91)



Hare Shaped Thread Winders
Cute thread winders in the shape of a hare. Six per pack.
Currently out of stock.


Hare thread winder pack: $12.00 ($10.91)



Extra Fine Mechanical Chalk Pencil
Extra fine 0.9 mm fine mechanical pencil with refill. The Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil is excellent for labelling, marking and drawing on a multitude of surfaces such as textiles, wood, paper and plastic.

It is best known in the quilting world because not only does it give a precise line, but it washes out completely without a trace, even after ironing. This is because it is made of Natural Chalk, not wax-based chalk like many others.


Bohin Chalk Pencil with Refills: $23.00 ($20.91)
Bohin Pencil Refill Pack: $12.00 ($10.91)



Perfect Circles, Ovals and Leaves
From Karen Buckley.

circles and leaves details
oval details

Perfect Circles Pack: $20.00 ($18.18)
Perfect Leaves Pack: $22.00 ($20.00)
Perfect Ovals Pack: $18.00 ($16.36)



The Loome
Robot Model and Big A Model
Sizes approximately 5.5cm x 13cm.
This new, all in one tool makes pom poms, tassels, cords, friendship bracelets, braids and small weaving.
Stunningly simple and incredibly versatile. You can use all sorts of delicious leftovers from your basket of threads.
Try wrapping and weaving with Eleganza Perle #3 or Painters Pearl Cotton #3.

the robot model
the big a model
setting up loom modes pdf

Loome Robot Model: $20.00 ($18.18)
Loome Big A Model: $20.00 ($18.18)



Purple Tape
From iCraft. Early release, delicate removable paper tape.
Doesn't leave any residue behind and peals easily without tearing paper. Ideal for cutting dies, stencils or when using elecrtonic cutters.
Holds in place and removes easily.


Purple Tape Pack: $14.50 ($13.18)



Decorative Storage Tins
Natty and colourful with stylish paintings on the lids. 9 cm x 8 cm x 2.3 cm.

tin choices

Natty Storage Tin: $7.50 ($6.82)



Thread and Ribbon Winder Cards
These sets of three thread and ribbon winder cards are proudly designed by l'uccello and manufactured in Melbourne.
Years in the making the collection of images on these very special cards are from the l'uccello archive of antique ephemera.
Each set of three thread and ribbon winders are large enough to store 12 threads.

pack choices

Pack of three: $13.00 ($11.82)



Braidmaking Kit
Not quite a pack, but - - introduce yourself to the world of braidmaking. Each kit contains a disc ready to go and full instructions.


$12.00 ($10.91)



Couronne Stick
Hand turned, solid wood, smooth gloss finish. Couronne sticks are usually used in needle lace techniques and Hedebo embroidery. Suggested to us by Jean Draper, this is a wonderful tool to make bold, lacy surfaces for any sculptural work. You can make small delicate rings through to large bold ones.


Couronne Stick: $30.00 ($27.27)



Thread Guards
Tired of tangled threads? These reusable, thread guards are another must have notion! Wrap snugly around spools to hold loose ends in place and prevent unraveling or place loosely to create a controlled yet unhindered drawing of thread. Use for Dazzle, Razzle and Eleganza thread spools. Each pack includes 10 guards.


Pack of ten: $8.00 ($7.27)



Craft Wallet
Also known as Yazzii Bags. These small craft wallets are just perfect to keep all those little items for sewing. Alternatively, it can be used to carry your credit cards, notes, travel items, stamps, business cards, emergency items, Band-Aids, medical aids etc. Great gift idea.


Yazzi Bag: $22.00 ($20.00)



Sajou Embroidery Thread Winder
These thread cards from France bear names of towns in Normandy, as a tribute to the history of this linen-producing region which was filled with linen mills in days gone by. In the past, linen thread was mainly sold on this type of cards.
The cards are of excellent quality, retracing the principals of cards of old, to make organising your threads a real pleasure. They are sold in series of six, printed on both sides on 2mm thick cardboard, measuring 5.1cm x 5.3cm.

pack choices page 1
pack choices page 2

Pack of six: $13.50 ($12.27)



Thread Cutterz
The Thread Cutterz is an adjustable ring that cuts thread, all types, thin or thick. The Thread Cutterz is convenient, fitting on your finger or may be mounted on to a sewing machine. The Thread Cutterz is the fastest, safest and most convenient way to cut thread.
  • Cuts all types of yarns, embroidery floss and thread with ease
  • Two stainless steel blades encased in an ABS plastic base ensure quick cutting of fishing line, sewing threads but never yourself - safe for all ages!
  • Ring is great for travelling and is allowed on airplanes!
  • Velcro strap fits most finger sizes and allows ring to be worn or wrapped on purse or basket handle, completely adjustable to fit any size finger
  • Can be mounted to a long arm sewing machine
  • Choose from Pink or the unique Glow-In-The-Dark one!
The Thread Cutterz started out as a fishing product to cut fishing line, so fishing enthusiasts may like one of these too.
Quilters and crafters then began using the rings for their products due to the ring's clean cuts, convenience and ability to be taken on planes and in the car whilst travelling.


Thread Cutterz Ring: $21.00 ($19.09)



Thread Cutter Pendant
The thread cutter pendant has a built-in sharp circular blade to cut threads. It can be set on top of a thread spool or used as a pendant.
Comes in Antique Silver and Antique Gold


Thread Cutter Pendant: $12.00 ($10.91)



Embroidery Threader
This embroidery needle threader has a unique flat tip design for easy and smooth threading of thicker threads. It works very well with the wool thread as well as thicker yarns for couching using both #24 and #18 Chenille needles.


Embroidery Threader: $17.00 ($15.45)



Clover Applique Pins
These applique pins are fabulous for working on wool appliqué and with prefelts. These small pins hold wool pieces secure, in place, and flat; creating a flush, easy surface to work around. Made in Japan, 1.90cm long, white heads, one pack.


Pack: $11.00 ($10.00)



That Purple Thang
A great little gadget for all sorts of pushing, poking, turning etc. Thread a ribbon through the slot and wear around your neck. A quilter's, seamstress's dream!


That Purple Thang: $5.50 ($5.00)


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