Hand Needles


Sajou Needle Packs
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Sajou pack: $26.00 ($23.63)



Foxglove Cottage Needles
details here
Foxglove Cottage case of sixteen: $6.00 ($5.45)



Sue Spargo Needles
details here
All prices on details page.



Tulip Needles
details and pack choices here
Tulip pack: $12.50 ($11.36)



Bohin Straw Milliners Needles Assorted Sizes 3/9
(currently out of stock)
details here
Pack of 15: $5.20 ($4.73)



Birch Chenille Needles
details here
Birch pack of two size 13: $2.50 ($2.72)



Gold Eye Chenille Needles
details here
Six needle pack: $3.00 ($2.73)