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Ordering and Payment details

Simply email or phone your requirements and let us do the rest!

For customers within Australia:
Phone:   08 9227 1561
Payment:   Visa, M/card, or bank transfer.

For customers outside Australia:
Phone:   + 61 8 9227 1561
Payment:   Visa, M/card, bank transfer (using Wise) or, reluctantly, PayPal.


Payment Preferences:
Bank transfer and credit card are our prefered methods of taking payment.
PayPal a distant third, their fees are very high.

For payment by credit card:
A simple but safe way to send card details, is to email the first eight digits, and then send the remainder of the details in a second mail. The emails will get to us via a different set of computers.
It is also safe phone details.
Credit card details are not held on our website.

For payment by bank transfer:
We send our bank account details to you.

We always include a fully itemised tax invoice / receipt with your goods.