Silk Fibres

All silk fibre products in this section are undyed.


Natural Silk Tops
Available in Tussah and Mulberry.
photos here
Natural Tussah, 100g pack: $18.00 ($16.36)
Natural Mulberry, 100g pack: $20.00 ($18.18)



Cricula Silk Cocoons
Lovingly spun by the industrious Cricula silkworm.
details and photos here.
5 g pack: $5.50 ($5.00)



Madagascan Silk Cocoon Sheets
Created by stitching individual cocoons together.
small sheets details and photos here
large sheets details and photos here
Small 10 cm x 13 cm approx. sheet: $5.00 ($4.55)
Large approx 22 cm x 30 cm (close to A4) sheet: $20.00 ($18.18)



Gummy Silk Carrier Rods
Use to make easy peasy silk paper.
photos here
example here
100g pack: $14.00 ($12.73)



Gummy Cocoon Strippings
Stripped from the inside of the cocoons.
details and photos here
an art to wear piece using strippings
100g pack: $14.00 ($12.73)



Silk Hankies
From silk cocoons which have been de-gummed and layered. (currently out of stock)
details and photo here
100g natural: $19.50 ($17.73)