Plant Fibres


Mulberry Bark
Bleached. Sometimes referred to as Kozo fibre or Kozo paper.
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Price depends on weight, see details



Soy Bean Fibre
A completely natural and renewable resource.
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25g pack: $12.50 ($11.36)



Milk Fibre
Beautiful lustre and feel similar to that of silk.
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25g pack: $12.50 ($11.36)



Fibrous tissue from the abaca tree. Paper-like in appearance, and behaves like a fabric. This is an extraordinary tissue paper that has wet strength and can therefore be dyed with confidence and to great effect. Stitching on it is a breeze. Can be printed onto, using inkjetset.

Pkt, 2 x A2 (51cm x 76cm) sheets: $4.50 ($4.09)



Tissutex Plus
Has the same usability as Tissutex, but heavier and stronger.

Pkt, 1 x A2 (51cm x 76cm) sheet: $4.50 ($4.09)