Silk Paper Making
The easy peasy way to make fabulous paper from silk fibres, with secret ingedient water plus your iron.

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Kit: $15.50 ($14.09)



Silk Fusion Intro Pack
The best way to learn 'how to' is by doing.
The kit contains netting, hand dyed silk fibres, textile medium and full instructions.If you haven't made silk paper before, then this is everything you need.

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Single pack: $29.00 ($26.36)



Felting Adventures
Using Corriedale Wool, all kits incude 150g (five x 30g) wool with five themes to choose from. Full instructions plus netting and bubblewrap.
An excellent way to learn wet felting.

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Felting Adventures Kit: $18.95 ($17.22)



Surface Tension for Textile Art
Dry needlefelting is a fabulous way to create surfaces with almost limitless potential. It is also fast and relaxing!
This kit contains everything you need to get started, including the four needle felting tool.

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Surface Tension Kit: $30.50 ($27.73)