Silk Bits


Sari Silk Fabric Stacks
Pre-loved fabric from old saris. Sari silk can be shredded and turned into silk saree ribbon or spun into yarn. Can also be used for rag rugs, weaving rugs, jewellry, upcycled clothes, quilting and embroidery. Fabulous for nuno-felting.

details and stack choices

Fabric stack of ten: $20.00 ($18.18)



Silk Stacks
Each stack is 6 pieces (approx. 55cm x 45cm each) cut from sari fabric. Shades of solid colours.

details and stack choices

Fabric stack of six: $22.00 ($20.00)



Margilan Silk Gauze
A delicate and almost transparent silk gauze/fine mesh handdyed. It will add a new dimension to your nuno felting and textile art work.

details and current themes

Margilan Silk Gauze 1 metre piece x 90 cm: $25.00 ($22.73)



Hand Dyed Crinkle Silk Chiffon
100% silk. Each piece 48cm x 22cm. Many themes.


Single piece: $7.50 ($6.82)



Hand Dyed Silk Organza
Hand dyed silk organza fabric pieces for embroidery, flower making, textile art and Nuno Felting.

details and available themes

48cm x 26cm piece: $7.50 ($6.82)