Felted Wool


Cozy Wool Flannel
Hand dyed by Cottage Garden threads. Soft feel Cozy Wool Flannel is the perfect textile choice for appliqué, with the ability to hold an edge without fraying, yet is fine enough to minimise bulk when layering and strong enough for structural work. We sell 8" (20.3cm) piece packs of five colours that compliment all Cottage Garden thread ranges. Cozy Wool Flannel works especially well with Perle 8 and Perle 12 threads.

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Theme pack of five: $32.00 ($29.09)



Hand Dyed Wool Fabric
Proficiently woven with 100% premium grade Australian Merino Wool, this fabric is truly in a class of its own. Richly dyed and raised to a perfect hand, this soft, luxuriously felted fabric is designed for ease of stitch penetration. Available in 60 vibrant colours that boasts both an even and saturated dye, it possesses unparalleled colourfastness.
This is the finest quality fabric that we can find.
Hand dyed felted wool fabric.
Each piece is fat eight size (approx. 32.00cm x 41.00cm)

colour chart, individual pieces

Piece, 32cm x 41cm: $24.00 ($21.82)

Hand Dyed Wool Fabric Stacks
We have also created some wool stacks using these wool fabrics.
Size of each stack piece is approximately 20.30cm x 16.50cm, six pieces per stack.

stack choices

Stack, six pieces, 20.30cm x 16.50cm: $35.00 ($31.82)



Wool Stash Bundles
These stash bundles contain five different textured woollen fabrics all hand-dyed in the same dye bath for consistency in colour. The textures coordinate beautifully when mixing them in any of your stitching projects.
Each piece is approx. 20.3cm x 16.5cm.


Stack of five wool pieces: $28.00 ($25.45)



Wooly Lady Felted Wool Stacks.
These mottled hand dyed wool fabrics are of the highest quality, 100% wool, milled in the United States. The unique dyeing process results in complex, saturated, mottled colours. The wool is felted in this process so it is ready for your appliqué and stitching projects.
Each piece is 20.3 cm x 16.5 cm


Wooly Lady Stack of Six: $35.00 ($31.82)