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Sari Silk Fabric Stacks
$20.00 ($18.18) / stack of ten 50 cm x 50 cm pieces

Pre-loved fabric from old saris. Sari silk can be shredded and turned into silk saree ribbon or spun into yarn. Can also be used for rag rugs, weaving rugs, jewellry, upcycled clothes, quilting and embroidery. Fabulous for nuno-felting.

The designs on this recycled fabric are all varied and also unrepeatable so each bag is a treat. The photos show typical packs but as none are the same, the fabric pack you choose will not be identical. That's what makes it exciting.

The fabrics, being recycled, may be fragile in places and have the occassional hole or tear.

Each stack contains ten pieces, each approximately 50 cm x 50 cm.

Currently available choices.

shades of nature


shades of royalty


shades of vincent


shades of arabia


moss in the bush


shades of india


shades of royalty


moss in the bush (again!)


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