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Margilan Silk Gauze
$15.00 ($13.64) / 1 metre x 90cm piece
$60.00 ($54.55) / 5 metre x 90cm piece

A delicate and almost transparent silk gauze/fine mesh. It will add a new dimension to your nuno felting and textile art work.

It is an open-weave silk gauze with the look of a fine, lightweight cheesecloth, but with the wonderful lustre of a habotai silk. Perfect for nuno felting in many applications but also a beautiful transparent fabric for using in the silk paper process.

It can be used as a method of trapping surface design elements that might otherwise not attach themselves to the base fibres. Due to its delicate weave, this weight comes with some inherent flaws that occur during the weaving process, but these usually disappear into the felt once it is fulled. It is subject to snagging, so handle with care.

Try laying it on Romeo water soluble fabric and add a few extra treat such as velvet shapes or fine merino or our exclusive wool/silk mix "Slushie" to create work which is light weight and drapey. It does not pucker or "rouche" a great deal, but you can clump and cluster it for gorgeous surface design effects in your nuno felts. Piece width is approx 90cm.

This fabric will also acid dye beautifully.


A wad of Margilan Silk Gauze.


Showing a single layer.


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