Moulding, Impressing, Texture

Compressed Sponge
A wet and grow expanding sponge.

details and photos

Pack with A4 size sheet plus notes and pattern sheet: $9.95 ($9.05)
Pack with three A4 size sheets: $20.00 ($18.18)



Moulding to Impress Kit
A kit to create texture and dimension.

pack and pic

Kit: $40.00 ($36.36)



Stitchy Foam
Make your own stitchy stamps with our foam. Stitch your own patterns with a strong thread (Dale uses silk thread) cut out to size and use to print onto any surface. Easy to clean in soapy water light to take on travels. What about stitching, printing, scanning and printing again. Endless possibilities, and these can easily be cut into your own size pieces. Two x A4 by 6mm thick sheets per pack, and able to be posted as letters.

pics and samples

Stitchy Foam pack of two: $6.60 ($6.00)



Xpandaprint - Puff Paint
Puff paint is an interesting painting and printing medium, which is heat extended, to produce a raised 3-dimensional surface, giving exciting sculptural effects. After expansion, it can be coloured in many ways, especially using everyday materials - no special equipment needed. The finished effect depends upon how the medium is applied. Stipple, stencil, paint, print etc. to achieve a range of exciting surfaces in line, pattern, texture or motif.
It comes in 55ml pots. Also available is a 'Know-How' guide containing full instuctions for use, and ideas for creative developments.
Please note - we currently have black only.
Some hints here.


55ml Jar: $10.00 ($9.09)
55ml jar with 'Know-How' Guide: $12.00 ($10.91



Le Scrunch
A kit for creating your own fabulous textured fabric.

details and examples

Pack: $15.00 ($13.64)



Ezy Carve
These are rubber printing blocks which can be carved easily and used on both sides. Use acrylic paint, lino tolls and rubber rollers for the best results when working on fabric. Available in two sizes; 8.00 cm x 8.00 cm by 1.00 cm deep, and 14 cm x 21 cm (A5 size)by 1.00 cm deep.


8 cm x 8 cm block: $4.50 ($4.09)
A5 size block: $10.40 ($9.45)



Wooden Carve Knives
Set of six different cutting tools to use for carving and shaping.
They work well with the Ezy Carve Printing Blocks.
The blades are manganese steel; highly resistent to breaking or bending.
The handles are sturdy plastic with soft 'easy grip'.


Set of six: $9.90 ($9.00)