Many of these kits appear elsewhere in the catalogue, but we thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one place, as well.


Angelina Fibre Kit
Everything you need to get you going with these versatile fibres.
This kit contains 5 'hot fix' fibres, approx 5 g each, 1 non bondable metallic fibre approx. 5 g and lots of ideas to try.

pictures here

Cost: $20.00 ($18.18)



Tyvekfilm Into Pack
An Intropack, containing full instructions and ideas for use, and an A4 sheet of each different weight is included.
Tyvekfilm Intropack: $6.60 ($6.00)



Tyvektex Intro Pack
Containing full instructions and ideas for use, and a sample to experiment with. Sample size is approximately half the pack standard pack size.
Tyvektex Intropack: $6.60 ($6.00)



Crusty Beads Kit
A kit, using tyvekfilm, to make crusty beads for textile and paper art.
Contains instuctions, 4 sheets of plain lightweight tyvekfilm plus one sheet of painted tyvekfilm.

sample picture

Kit price: $9.90 ($9.00)