Indian Wooden Printing Blocks
details and designs here
prices on details page



PaperArtsy Collections
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Stamp Set: $42.50 ($38.64)



Art Foamies
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Individually priced on each design page.



Art by Marlene
artsy arabia designs here
cling stamps designs here
texture plates designs here
Artsy Arabia: $18.50 ($16.82)
Texture Plate: $23.00 ($20.91)
Cling Stamps prices under each design.



details and designs here
Individually priced on the designs page.



Carabelle Studio Cling Rubber Stamps and Printing Plates
details and art texture printing plates designs
art texture plates designs
large art texture printing plates
Individually priced on the designs pages.



Paperbag Studio Rubber Stamp Sheets
details, designs and examples here
Rubber Stamp Sheet: $49.50 ($45.00)



Paperbag Studio Cling Rubber Stamps
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Individually priced on the design pages.



Texture Wheel
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Texture Wheel Pack: $32.00 ($29.09)



Polymer Stamps
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Prices under each design.



Illuminations Stamps
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Prices are on the details page.



Compressed Sponge
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Pack with A4 size sheet plus notes and pattern sheet: $9.95 ($9.05)
Pack with three A4 size sheets: $20.00 ($18.18)