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Opulence Inks/Paints
A fabulous range of acrylic paints made in Australia. 28 glorious colours in 60ml jars.
Inks can be used on textiles, paper, wood, glass, ceramics & leather. 60ml of exquisite, rich embellishment for paper crafts & textile artists. Stamp, stencil or handpaint.
Use as a foil adhesive, and as an embossing ink on silk/rayon velvet.
Colours are easy to mix and being translucent, can be layered.
Warm hand wash no hotter than 40C.

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triesse and blanche
colours on white and black fabrics

60ml Jar: $13.20 ($12.00)



Gems Fabric Paint
Shimmery lustrous opaque fabric paints made in Australia. These water based paintsare perfect for any of your creative work.
They have good colour fastness and are suitable for hand painting onto cotton and poly/cotton fabric (and of course Tissutex). They have the consistency of thickened cream but can also be diluted (and sprayed) or thickened.
Heat fix to set. Machine washable. The paints leaves a soft hand on the fabric. Suitable for all types of application - brushwork, stencilling, screen printing spraying etc.
Comes in 125ml plastic bottles. Sixteen colours to choose from.


125ml Jar: $10.00($9.09)



Sun Dye Fabric Paint
A wonderful range of sun sensitive paints made in Australia by KraftKolour.
These paints are beautiful, vibrant, finely milled Acrylic colours that can be used for ALL kinds of techniques from tie dyeing, shibori, silk painting, salt techniques as well as scrunching, twisting, folding…Even with very little know how you can create wonderful fabrics for your textile creations.
These paints are for fabric painting on cotton and silk, and being heliographic, means they are excellent for sun printing.
Use to decorate your fabric using any found flattish object such as leaves, twigs, feathers sea shells etc. Easy to use, soft to handle and permanent. All you need is a still, sunny day or an infra red lamp. Wet your fabric. flooding it with some of the beautiful colours, and watch the way that the colours blend on the surface. Then lay your fabric out in the sun to dry placing leaves and flowers and any other object you like on top and the sun will do the rest!
Add a little Sun Pearl to your paint to create a pearlescent finish.

PS a note from the manufacturer;
Sun Dyes will work on wood, paper, cotton, silk, polyester, nylon, fur, skin, leather, wool, carpet, canvas, annexs, sinnamay, raffia, cane, feathers, carpet, upholstery - ask the production company who did the Lord of the Rings.

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130ml jar plain colour: $7.60 ($6.91)
Sun Pearl: $8.60 ($7.82)



Texcraft Dual Purpose Fabric Paint
Texcraft Dual Purpose Fabric Paint is a high quality paint for handpainting or pigment dyeing fabric. They may also be thickened for printing. Texcraft fabric inks are water based and contain softeners that improve the handling softness of the fabric and assist in fabric penetration when applied.

Suitable for cotton and polycotton. Heat to fix.

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130ml jar plain colour: $7.00 ($6.36)


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