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Jacquard Neopaque
$11.90 ($10.82) / 70ml jar

Neopaque shares many characteristics with Lumiere but is formulated with traditional pigments instead of metallics. A great companion to Textile Color for black fabrics, these super opaque paints provide maximum coverage on virtually any dark ground. Exceptionally washfast on fabric, Neopaque is also permanent on a wide variety of other surfaces, including leather, vinyl, canvas, stone, plastic and rubber. Professional shoe painters depend on Neopaque for its superior durability and adhesion to non traditional surfaces - it won't crack, peel or chip, even with continuous wear. Great for fine arts, textiles, leather and more, Neopaque is unsurpassed for coverage, versatility and performance.

450-Volt 451-Miami 452-Gamma Blue 453-Military Green (o/s) 454-Fire Red

455-Navy 456-Tanned Leather 457-Concrete Grey 580-Yellow 581-Golden Yellow

582-Magenta 583-Red 584-Blue 585-Turquoise 586-Violet

587-Green 588-Black 589-White 590-Ochre 591-Russet

592 Brown 579-Flowable Extender


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