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Awagami Washi Papers
This A4 Fine Art Washi paper range is perfect for professional and non professional artists. All collections are extremely workable and feature an excellent range of weights, tones and surfaces for printmaking, drawing and craft. Wonderful for making art on traditional Japanese washi paper. 100% acid-free.

all packs and prices

Awagami Washi Papers: prices shown under each pack.



Collage Paper
20 by A4 pages (ten designs, two of each) The perfect paper for collage. Two pad choices and miniatures of each design shown on the cover of each.

details and pictures

Collage paper pad: $6.50 ($5.91)




Khadi Paper

Khadi Paper Books
Artists' papers, for watercolour and all painting and drawing media.
Made from hand made paper in South India, from recycled cotton rag. The cotton rag fibres are beaten in a hollander beater which circulates the shredded rags in water, mechanically crushing and opening out the cotton fibres to produce an even consistent pulp. All paper is made sheet by sheet on a hand held papermaking mould.
Khadi 20cm x 20cm books are currently out of stock.

details and photo

Standard bound, 30 pages, 150gsm: 15cm x 15cm $10.00 ($9.09)
Standard bound, 30 pages, 150gsm 20cm x 20cm: $14.00 ($12.73)


Khadi Zig Zag Packs
White rag paper packs of five folded zig zag cards in 210gsm, made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. Internally sized with neutral pH size and are acid free.
We are currently out of stock of the 15cm x 15cm packs and the 7.5cm x 7.5cm packs.

details and pictures

Zig Zag pack of five 15cm x 15cm: $10.00 ($9.09)
Zig Zag pack of five 7.5cm x 7.5cm: $5.50 ($5.00)


Khadi Paper Packs
Artists' handmade paper from Khadi Papers India. This paper is made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. Internally sized with neutral pH size. Acid free. Medium-Rough surface. For watercolour and all painting and drawing media.
All packs are 150gsm. Pack choices:
  • A4 (21cm x 30cm, 20 sheets per pack)
  • A5 (15cm x 21cm, 20 sheets per pack)
  • A6 (15cm x 11cm, 20 sheets per pack)
  • A7 (7.5cm x 11cm, 20 sheets per pack)

    pack pics

    A4 pack of 20 sheets: $15.00 ($13.64)
    A5 pack of 20 sheets: $10.50 ($9.55)
    A6 pack of 20 sheets: $7.00 ($6.36)
    A7 pack of 20 sheets: $4.50 ($4.09)


    Khadi Sunn Hemp Manuscript Papers
    These are loose leaf ledger pages from Rajasthan, North West India. The paper is hand burnished sunn hemp and the pages contain accounts records dating back to the 19th century. Pages are long and narrow and have three holes at one end from the original string binding. The ledger sheets are mostly filled with writing (in ink), sometimes with a stamp on the top of the sheet.
    The sheets are smooth surface, 90gsm and roughly 16cm x 42cm.


    Single sheet: $3.50 (3.18)



    Sennelier Urban Sketch Book
    Urban "on-location" sketching is a fast-growing trend.
    The Urban Sketchbook features an accordian-fold design, offering eight panels per side for your sketches, illustrations, and inspirations. An elegant black cloth cover embossed with the Sennelier logo completes the package for a stunning tabletop, shelf, or mantel display that stands on its own. 10cm x 16cm.


    Urban Sketch Boook: $20.40 ($18.55)



    Bank Layout Pad
    Translucent bank paper is used to create these quality pads. Excellent for layout work, drafting, preliminary sketches and drawings. Backing board for additional support.Great for initial ideas. Takes colour very well. A4, 50 sheets, 50 gsm and acid free.


    A4 50 sheets pad: $7.00 ($6.36)



    Heaven Sends Tags
    Interesting tags ands stickers. Great for gifts.


    Prices under each item.



    Aussie Deli Paper
    Newspaper articles and iconic pictures from the past.
    Each piece is 19cm x 30cm


    Pack of 20 sheets: $3.90 ($3.55



    Telegraph Wax Paper
    Wonderful printed deli paper with old Telegraph newspaper advertisments.
    Each piece is 21cm x 30cm.


    Pack of 10 sheets: $3.90 ($3.55)



    Deli Wax Paper
    10 sheets of deli wrap paper measuring 30.5 cm x 27.3 cm per sheet.
    Deli paper is used a lot in gelli art printing. It is translucent, thin but strong and has many uses including stitching on. (of course!)
    The deli paper is folded in half as provided by the manufacturer.
    Below are links to two very good mini workshops from Shelagh Folgate.

    shelagh folgate workshop one
    shelagh folgate workshop two

    Pack of ten sheets: $2.50 ($2.27)



    Milini Genuine Drawing Cartridge
    Milini Visual Diaries are pure quality. Made using 150gsm ivory coloured genuine drawing cartridge these stiched hardcover books are an artists dream. They feature a cloth-like black cover with gold embossing on the rear. They are constructed with quality binding and finishing and are suitable for wet and dry media. 148mm x 130mm landscape, 62 sheets.


    Milini visual dairy: $11.00 ($10.00)



    Gossamer Fuse
    The ideal sheer fusible material. A very fine web of heat fusible fibre. Creates a lasting bond without a bulky filling. Excellent for fusing any type of fabric. For experimentalists; highly suitable for painting and using for surface decoration. Comes in white and black, with instructions and suggestions for use.


    1 metre x 1 metre pack, black or white: $9.90 ($9.00)
    2 metre x 1 metre pack, black or white: $18.50 ($16.82)



    Fusible Film
    Fusible Film is incredibly easy to use - just place the film on its own (or mixed with Angelina fibres) in small amounts between 2 sheets of baking parchment and iron briefly to fuse. Then cut, shape, punch, stitch and layer to create wonderful shimmering pieces which you can use in your work.

    colour chart

    3.00 metres x 10cm strip: $6.60 ($6.00)
    All 12 colours 3 m each: $66.00 ($60.00)



    Heavy-weight Water Soluble Paper
    A translucent paper which is stable and traceable, easily dissolves without residue and will not change fabric characteristics. Draw your design on - or print on from a computer. Can be used for:
    * embroidering or stitching on delicate fabrics
    * flawless buttonholes and rolled hems
    * stabilizing embroidery, wing needle and hemstitching
    * paper quilting
    * painting on and using the parts as a resist
    Thicker, stronger and more cost effective!
    79cm x 55cm sheet: $8.50 ($7.73)

    Water Soluble Paper Sheets
    Lighter weight sheets, and in the printable size of 28cm x 21.5cm.
    Available in packs of 5, 10 and 20.
    Ten pack: $9.80 ($8.91)
    Twenty pack: $18.90 ($17.18)

    Water Soluble Paper Intro Pack
    Contains 1 sheet of heavyweight water soluble paper, plus ideas and inspiration for use.


    Intro Pack: $9.00 ($8.18)



    Tyvekfilm is a non-toxic Tyvek sheet of bonded, spun polyethylene fibres, available in three different weights. With the applicaton of heat, it changes form, shrinking, bubbling and distorting, to give a range of interesting surface textures. Its 3D qualities and durability, give exciting possibilities to all those involved in the fields of Decorative Arts and Crafts. It can be stitched by hand and/or machine, and will not rip or tear. Tyvekfilm can be coloured before or after distortion, in a variety of ways, from coloured pencils and felt pens, through to fabric paints - any medium which can safely withstand the heat of an iron or heat gun. It can also be used in photocopiers and computer printers that do not use heat to transfer the image, giving great scope for the distortion of image/text etc. An Intropack, containing full instructions and ideas for use, and an A4 sheet of each different weight is available. Some handy hints here.


    Tyvekfilm Intropack: $9.60 ($8.28)
    Tyvekfilm Lightweight (5 x A4 sheets): $7.30 $6.64)
    Tyvekfilm Mediumweight. (4 x A4 sheets): $7.30 ($6.64)
    Tyvekfilm Heavyweight (3 x A4 sheets): $7.30 ($6.64)

    As for Tyvekfilm, but more textured and fabric-like. Comes on a roll, 1.5 metres wide.
    An Intropack, containing full instructions and ideas for use, contains a sample to experiment with. Sample size is approximately half the pack size.
    Some handy hints here.
    Pre packed 1 metre x 1.50 metres: $9.35 ($8.50)
    Per metre: $9.35 ($8.50)
    Tyvektex Intropack: $7.70 ($7.00)



    Crusty Beads
    A kit, using tyvekfilm, to make crusty beads for textile and paper art.
    Contains instuctions, 4 sheets of plain lightweight tyvekfilm plus one sheet of painted tyvekfilm.


    Kit price: $9.90 ($9.00)



    Angelina/Crystalina Fibres
    Make film from these sensuously hot shimmering fibres. A development in the world of textile fibres that has revolutionised the use of sparkle in all fabric. Angelina Fibres can be spun, woven, layered, bonded etc. Its applications in textile art, embroidery, paper maché, modelling, card and candlemaking are endless.
    The range includes twenty one Angelina hot fix colours in heat bondable fibres, six Crystalina hot fix, and three colours in the standard non bondable range. Angelina and Crystalina fibres are made of the same material. Angelina fibres are fine, while Crystalina are coarse and crimped.
    We have more purchase options for Angelina Fibres in the Fibres section of the catalogue.

    angelina/crystalina comparison
    standard colours
    helpful hints

    5g Pack, Standard or Hot Fix: $4.40 ($4.00)
    20g Pack, Standard or Hot Fix: $14.00 ($12.73)
    50g Pack, Standard or Hot Fix: $30.00 ($27.27)
    Value Pack, 10 x 5g packs, pot luck colours all different: $33.00 ($30.00)
    Value Pack, 10 x 5g packs, your choice colours: $36.00 ($32.73)