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Gelly Roll Pens
After intense research and development, Sakura was first to market with the invention of gel inks in 1984 used in the Gelly Roll pens. Sakura has continued to master gel ink technology offering a variety of colours, opaqueness and special effects.

We offer a large range of options in the Gelly Roll Glaze, Stardust, Metallic and Classic ranges.

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stardust details and sets
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Set of six: $21.90 ($19.91)
Set of twelve: $42.40 ($38.55)



Metallic Lustre Wax
This lovely wax from DecoArt is water based and non-toxic with water and soap clean up. It can be used on many surfaces, including paper, ceramics, card, wood and canvas and the paste-like texture allows a controlled application for precise results. Apply with a sponge, small brsuh or fingers and then buff up to a brilliant sheen. Mix with water or Acrylic Wax to make a metallic paint or add to any of your paints or dyes for shimmering metallic effects. Water and fade resistant.


29 ml pack: $12.50 ($11.36)



KingArt Gel Sticks Metallic
A must-have for any mixed media artist. These metallic Mixed Media Gel Sticks are made of water-soluble wax, with a soft buttery texture. The rich colours blend smoothly and easily, are light fast, odourless, non-toxic and transparent.

Work wet or dry to produce stunning results. Use a paint brush to wash some water over your paint to create a watercolour effect.

Works well on dark surfaces with a shimmering finish. Hassle-free setup and mess-free clean up.

A storage case is included to keep your 12 Gel Sticks organised.


Pack of twelve gel sticks: $20.00 ($18.18)



Tulip Fabric Markers
Tulip fabric markers are packed with rich, intense pigments, for true colours that last. All inks are non toxic and machine washable, and do not require heat setting for permanance. Let them dry for 24 hours. Machine washable. Available in a sets of twelve or twenty. 20 set.


Pack of twenty markers: $44.00 ($40.00)
Pack of twelve markers: $29.00 ($26.36)



PITT Artist Pens
In many countries, ink drawings have a very long history among artists. Their expressive power, covering properties, resistance to ageing as well as the possibility of combining them with many other painting techniques have always made this medium interesting for artists and graphic designers.
Faber-Castell has brought together all of the advantages of drawing in Indian ink in a modern and uncomplicated disposable pen - the PITT artist pen. The high-quality brush point works both straight and bent without breaking. While the light colours are transparent and, thus, well-suited to varnishing techniques, the dark colours have good covering qualities. PITT artist pens have unsurpassed light-fastness and the individual colours are marked with an asterisk-based code.

Four set choices; Landscapes, Shades of Grey, Basic and Terra. Each pack includes a specially selected assortment of colours, all in brush tips.


Set of Six: $35.00 ($31.82)



Pearl Metallic Wax Crayons
Pack includes 2 x copper, 2 x silver and 2 x gold crayons for use in a wide range of art and craft applications.


Pack: $4.00 ($3.64)



Unison Pastels
Unison hand made soft pastels are second to none. In their subtlety and intensity of colour, their fluency and responsiveness to touch and in their delicacy and robustness, Unison Colour Soft Pastels aspire to perfection.
We have in stock the 16 half stick set only.


Unison Pastel Set: $45.00 ($40.91)