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Rich medieval colour themes:
Golds, Rubies, Royale Emeralds Garnet and Byzantium

Victory Machine Rayon Variegateds
Five-tone variegateds in the four themes. Each spool contains 1000 metres of 40wt rayon. We also offer this range in attractively packaged box sets.variegated stitchouts
box sets
care hints

1000 m spool: $4.90 ($4.45)
4 spool box set: $19.50 ($17.73)
6 spool box set: $26.50 ($24.09)
24 spool box set: $99.50 ($90.45)


Silk Hand Threads
Seven different thread types, in the six 'Illuminations' colour themes.The threads can be purchased individually, or as a pack of six.Each pack contains six different threads across an 'Illuminations' colour theme.For example, the 'Golds' pack contains one each of;Fine (40 metres), Medium (18 metres), Thick (8 metres)Bouclé (8 metres), Chenille (8 metres), Eyelash (8 metres) and Stranded Silk (8 metres).
Hand dyed silk hank: $7.00 ($6.36)
Pack of six: $36.00 ($32.73)


Mulberry Silk Threads
Five colour themes, in three, four and five spool packs. Produced in England, these are individually selected, hand wound, pure silk twist in a variety of weights.
colours and details
Five spool pack: $45.00 ($40.91)
Four spool pack: $36.00 ($32.73)
Three spool pack: $27.00 ($24.55)


Hand dyed mulberry silk tops, silk hankies and wool fibres, by Jacinta Lieshman in six medieval themes.
silk tops colours
silk hankies
wool colours
wool sample piece
Mulberry silk tops, 20g pack: $11.90 ($10.82)
Silk hanky pack: 5.50 ($5.00)
Wool 50g pack: $10.00 ($9.09)


Clear polymer stamps in medieval themes. Easy to clean, with peel on peel off backing. Available in five size/price categories. We also have a stencil in a Fleur de Lys design, packs of five charms and packs of Fleur de Lys eyelets.
small designs
medium designs
large designs
xlarge designs
xxlarge designs
art moulds designs
fleur de lys stencil
pack of charms
packs of eyelets
Small Stamp: $9.75 ($8.86)
Medium Stamp: $11.20 ($10.18)
Large Stamp: $13.40 ($12.18)
XLarge Stamp: $16.30 ($14.82)
XXLarge Stamp: $19.30 ($17.55)
Art Mould 138: $12.00 ($10.91)
Art Mould 129: $14.50 ($13.18)
Fleur de Lys stencil: $5.50 ($5.00)
Pack of five charms: $3.50 ($3.18)
Pack of eyelets: $4.40 ($4.00)


Each kit includes all of the goodies to enable you to create something similar to the work on the cover and offer a number of other suggestions to enable you to work on and around the topic. Also included in the kit will be an item related to the medieval period, for example, poetry, music, recipes - things you could use if you wish, or simply enjoy.
illuminated initials kit
illuminated manuscripts kit
Full kit including book: $54.50 ($49.55)


Some examples of pieces using the Illuminations products, with descriptions of how the products were used in the creation process.
medieval scroll
illuminations sampler
jacinta leishman brooch