Treasure Boxes 
Treasure Boxes 2024

Autumn sold out
registration opens 1st Feb 2024
Shipping soon after
registration opens 1st May 2024
Shipping soon after
registration opens 1st August 2024
Shipping soon after

registration opens 1st November 2024
Shipping soon after

Limited numbers Treasure Boxes will be filled with fabrics and threads and embellishments.
Extensive notes for you to use to create your own individual work will be sent as an email attachment.
Each Treasure Box will be different.

Cost $150.00 plus actual postage.


Autumn - Somerset
Now sold out.
The photo below gives an idea of the range of threads, fabrics, fibres and colours in the Autumn Box. It is not an actual Autumn Box.
Each one will be different, and will include hand dyed prefelt, silks and a selection of assorted threads and embellishments.


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