Aurifil Thread Club


Introducing the Aurifil Colour Builder Subscription
FLORA, a capsule of 12 mini-collections created to celebration of Aurifil's variegated thread.
The Aurifil Color Builders is a subscription program of a curated and beautifully boxed selection of Aurifil threads each month for 12 months.

This year Aurifil has drawn color inspiration from 12 breathtaking rainforest plants some of which include the Amazon Water Lily, the Bird of Paradise, the Jade Vine and the Spider Lily.

These plants are representation of our earth's most threatened tropical forests, largely affected by deforestation and climate change.
For 2022, Aurifil has partnered with Rainforest Trust, an organization dedicated to the long-term protection of these forests.

Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement.
Every action we take now to protect rainforest will have a lasting impact on the future by maintaining our planet's critical ecosystems.

What's included?
Aurifil produces 36 variegated thread colours; threads that contain multiple colours or multiple shades of one colour. Twenty four of these shades are represented in the 2022 program. Each set contains 3 large spools of 50wt - 2 variegated and 1 complementary solid packaged in one small wonderfully branded Aurifil box.

The pattern for 2022 was designed and developed by Aurifil's own Kate Brennan in partnership with graphic designer Christina Weisbard.

Patterns are centered around floral-themed appliqué, we'll highlight a variety of methods of appliqué and finishing throughout the year. Blocks may be finished as 12 individual mini quilts or pieced together to create a full quilt. Patterns will be exclusive to subscription holders for one year.

Price: $50 per month.

Starting: Jan 2022.