Illuminations Machine Metallics
Black Jewel Range
$5.50 ($5.00) / 500 metre spool
$90.00 ($81.82) / set of all 20 black jewel colours.

Stitched onto black felt over a medieval pattern,
then burned out around the pattern boundary.
Colour names are underneath each motif.
Screens do not pick up the actual metallic lustre of the threads.
Design is digitised from Illumination stamp sm 117.
We have used the pattern shape, but not a solid fill for these ones.
These Illuminations Black Jewels are the 40wt equivalent of the very popular,
black core, FS Black Jewel threads.

Walnut JBC4

Old Copper JBC2

Sapphire JBL12

Royal Blue JBL13

Copper JBJ3

Russet JBH8

Military Copper JBJ1

Purple JBZ2

Shiraz JBH1

Steel Green JBE6

Orchid JBM3

Midnight Blue JBD2

Military Gold JBG4

Silver JB2

Emerald JBL8

Carnation JBM1

Aquamarine JBE1

Leaf Green JBL6


standard range stitchouts
standard range solid stitchouts
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