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Postage Information for within Australia

The Thread Studio is based in Perth, Western Australia, and all parcels are sent by Australia Post unless otherwise requested.
Parcels to schools and universities are sent by Express Post or TNT (for large orders) unless otherwise asked for.


Normal Orders:
Our postage price for up to 500 g is $9.00. This is a small discount on the Australia Post charge of $9.20 for the small red pre-paid satchel.

For parcels above 500 g (or in boxed containers) we charge $9.90. The actual cost is significantly higher, but we keep our charge at this level for all parcels over 500 g.


Small Orders:
Many small orders qualify to be sent as 'large letters' eg stencils, unmounted stamps, small numbers of hand threads etc. Where the parcel qualifies for the Australia Post 'large letter' rate, we will charge that rate to our customers.
This rate is $2.20, $3.30 or $5.50 depending on weight/size of letter.


Delivery Times:
Official parcel delivery times from Perth to the eastern seaboard are around 7 to 10 business days (parcels are transported by road), although it's not that unusual for parcels to be delivered 5 business days after we send them. However, occasionally they have taken longer than 14 days.

We therefore strongly recommend use of the Express Post yellow satchel service if you want to be sure of getting your goods within a few days of ordering.

Large letters are much quicker, they are dispatched by air.


The Thread Studio:
We generally post your parcel on the day the order is received. Occasionally there are exceptions to this, for example if we are out of stock of an item, but likely to have it within a day or so, we will hold and send the whole order in one parcel.

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