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Winter Wonderland Range
$4.50 ($4.09) / hank perlé 8

100% Perlé Cotton, hand-dyed in South Africa.
House of Embroidery is a South African small business that has been in operation since 1995, hand dyeing beautiful threads in small batches. They provide an extraordinary range of colourfast threads from beautiful blushes to vibrant violets.

#18 Chenille: Tulip • Gold Eye • Clover
#1 Milliners: Tulip • Gold Eye • Bullion Knot
#20 Tapestry


Morning Glory P2A


True Blue P1B


Waterlily P70A


Touch of Grey P27B


Touch of Grey P27C


Ash P74A


Wildlife P66C


Woodlands P69A


Xmas Green P58C


Cypress P50C


Xmas Green P58A


Birch P84A


Ash P74C


Freesia P48C


Salvia P78C


Tulip P93A


Berries P20A


Snaps P60B


Hellebore P62B


Clematis P63C


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