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Silk Caps
$12.50 ($11.36) / cap

Beautiful Soft Hand Dyed A Grade Mulberry Silk Caps.

Approx. 14 grams of gorgeous silk caps that have been dyed in small batches. Silk caps are very similar to silk hankies; they are just made into a different shape; rather than being stretch flat like a hankie, they are stretch over a domed shaped frame, which makes them look like a cap/hat. Silk caps have more than one layer and can be peeled apart into gossamer think caps.

Mulberry Silk, also known as Bombyx silk or Cultivated Silk is the best quality silk you can buy and is produced from the silk worms of the Bombyx Mori Moth.

Silk caps can be used in so many different craft projects, including fibre art, paper making and spinning. For spinning separate out a single cap layer, put your hands through the centre and stretch out into a big circle of fibre. Keep drafting until it's as thin or thick as you like. Roll the fibre into a cute little bird's-nest, make up as many as you like, and then you're ready to go!


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