Xpandaprint Samples
55ml Jar: $10.00 ($9.09)
55ml jar with 'Know-How' Guide: $12.00 ($10.91

Puff paint is an interesting painting and printing medium, which is heat extended, to produce a raised 3-dimensional surface, giving exciting sculptural effects. After expansion, it can be coloured in many ways, especially using everyday materials - no special equipment needed. The finished effect depends upon how the medium is applied. Stipple, stencil, paint, print etc. to achieve a range of exciting surfaces in line, pattern, texture or motif.
It comes in 55ml pots. Also available is a 'Know-How' guide containing full instuctions for use, and ideas for creative developments.
Please note - we currently have black only.

Black Xpandaprint puffed through a stencil.

Xpandaprint applied to fabric using a printing block, expanded with a heat gun, painted with Opulence Inks, and rubbed with Gilding Wax.

On water soluble paper and painted with Opulence inks.