Gel Press Printing Plates


Printing Plates
Gel printing plates, always ready to print,easy to clean and easy to care for.
Store at room temperature and use over and over again.
We are currently out of stock of printing plates.

pack pics and examples
general instructions

Small; 15.5cm x 15.5cm: $39.00 ($35.45)



Printing Plate Accessory
Heavy duty rubber rollers.
Two sizes, 9.5cm and 14.5cm


Small roller: $7.90 ($7.18)
Large roller: $8.50 ($7.73)



Deli Wax Paper
Customers - our apologies. We are currently out of stock of this product.
10 sheets of deli wrap paper measuring 30.5 cm x 27.3 cm per sheet.
Deli paper is used a lot in gelli art printing. It is translucent, thin but strong and has many uses including stitching on. (of course!)
The deli paper is folded in half as provided by the manufacturer.
Below are links to two very good mini workshops from Shelagh Folgate.

shelagh folgate workshop one
shelagh folgate workshop two

Pack of ten sheets: $2.50 ($2.27)