PEGz Letter Sets
$33.00 ($30.00) / papyrus uppercase letter set
$39.50 ($35.91) / large lowercase letter set

Create words and phrases to stamp on layouts, cards, gift tags and more with the clickable letterz sets by Ken Oliver.

We have two choices:
Pegz Clickable Letterz Stamps Uppercase Set in Papyrus font characters (approx. 0.8 cm tall), and Large Lowercase (approx. 1.3 cm tall)

Simply click any of the 36 letters (per set) together and then you're ready to stamp.

Please note: We are currently out of stock of the clickable letter sets.

Above; Uppercase Papyrus Set

Above; Lowercase Large Letter Style


PEGz letters on fabric (uppercase papyrus set)
Thanks to Leanne Rogerson, NZ.

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