Khadi Paper Packs
$20.00 ($18.18) / A4 (21cm x 30cm) pack of 20 sheets
$11.50 ($10.45) / A5 (15cm x 21cm) pack of 20 sheets
$7.70 ($7.00) / A6 (15cm x 11cm) pack of 20 sheets
$5.50 ($5.00) / A7 (7.5cm x 11cm) pack of 20 sheets

Artists' handmade paper from Khadi Papers India. This paper is made from 100% long fibred cotton rag.Internally sized with neutral pH size. Acid free. Medium-Rough surface. For watercolour and all painting and drawing media.
All papers are 150gsm.

The photos below are not all to the same scale.

A4 20 sheets


A5 20 sheets


A6 20 sheets


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