Xpandaprint Hints


Xpandaprint is an acid-free, non-toxic printing/painting medium which 'expands' when heat is applied - using either a heat gun or iron. You can use it to create fabulous surface texture - I have used it in creating interesting borders on my work and for 3D effects. You can stitch first and then apply Xpandaprint - once heated you will see fragments of stitching or you can stitch into it after heating. Applying Xpandaprint to tyvekfilm before heating also gives very interesting results.

Xpandaprint comes in white and black. The white can be painted after heating or mixed with paint before use. The black is stunning when gilding wax is rubbed over it after you have heated it. I like to use it with my Indian printing blocks, or through stencils. I love the three dimensional effect it gives to my work. I often combine it with tyvek as well. I nearly always rub my precious Gilding Wax or Shiva Stiks over the top to give a super gilting effect - you can never have too much glitz!