Microfleur Regular Flower Press
$42.00 ($38.18) / regular 5" press

The Regular 5" (13cm) Microfleur microwave flower press a great starter press which will easily travel with you.

It has approximately 25 square inches of pressing space. Flowers and foliage are quickly pressed between two cotton liners, two thick wool pads and two vented platens, all of which are held together by 2 clips.

Pressing is done in very short intervals spaced with short resting periods. Flowers, plants and leaves can be used the same day and color retention is exceptional, compared with traditional pressing methods.

The pressed flowers can then be used for greeting cards, scrapbooking, wedding and other invitations, menus, bookmarks or applied to candles and soap, art and decoupage projects.

Microfleur presses are the ultimate flower presses and are commonly used by oshibana and other artists, as well as by botanists. The liners are washable and the wool pads will last for hundreds of cycles with proper use.

Comes with full instructions.


More information below.
Microfleur has been developed for pressing and drying flowers in a microwave oven. This is a very quick process which produces superior colour results.
Comes with full instructions.

The traditional method of pressing flowers is toplace them in a book or press between layers ofabsorbent materials. The fluids are graduallyleached from the flower over a period of weeks.When using the Microfleur, the fluids are boiledoff by the use of microwave energy, and theprocess takes a matter of seconds or a fewminutes, depending on the flower and the powerof the microwave oven.

Microfleur can successfully press a wide range offlowers and plant materials, with the advantagesof speed and better colour results.Pressed flowers are used in a wide variety ofcrafts, including greeting cards, pictures,bookmarks, invitations, decoupage, and fordecorations on menus, candles, soaps etc.Microfleur is also used extensively byhorticulturists and botanists to prepare specimensfor cataloguing and storage.

Not only does Microfleur appeal to establishedpressed flower artists, but it has opened up acompletely new following in the Arts and Craftsindustry which is growing rapidly.


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