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Metallic foils
are thin layers of metallic plastic fused to a sheet of cellophane. You apply a liquid glue(e.g. Plexiglue), fusible web (e.g. Vliesofix) or a bonding powder (e.g. Bo-Nash) to your fabric, then iron the metallic foil to the adhesive. When the foil has cooled, you peel away the cellophane. Foils are bright and will not tarnish over time. They are best applied as one of the last processes.

Metals 1


Metals 2
Applying with Foil Glue
Pour a small amount into a shallow container. Dip a foam brush, toothbrush, comb etc into the glue and "draw" onto the fabric to your choice.Alternatively, spread the glue onto a stamp using the foam brush and stamp it onto the fabric.
When it is completely dry (it will be clear), lay the foil, colour side up, on your fabric, cover with baking paper and iron with a reasonable amount of pressure. When you pull it away you will see the foil. You can add other foil colours for a second ironing.


Applying with fusible web
(Vliesofix or Bondaweb or WonderUnder)
Cut shapes from fusible web and position it on fabric.
Place foil, colour side up, and iron as for glue.


Metals 3
Applying with Bonding Powder
Sprinkle the bonding powder (Bo-Nash) on fabric (great for starry nights)
Place foil, colour side up, and iron as for glue.
The fabric and beret shown here was made by Lyn Waring, author of 'Hats Made Easy'


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