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Waxed Linen Thread
Natural linen, 5 ply, lightly waxed for ease of use.
Three 18.3 metre (20 yard) spools per pack, two pack choices.

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Pack of three spools: $23.00 ($20.91)



Binders' Needles
These needles have a length of 5.4 cm making them easy to handle. They also have a slightly blunted point to reduce paper snags.
The eye of the needle is sized to accommodate sturdy bookbinding threads.

Contents five 5.4cm steel needles. Manufactured from the finest grade steel.

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Pack of five needles: $10.00 ($9.09)



Document Repair Tape
This very thin and extremely transparent pressure sensitive document repair tape is non-yellowing, removable with solvents, and has a neutral pH. To use, dispense a length of tissue, place over the tear, and burnish with a bone folder. Working the adhesive into the tear causes the adhesive to strengthen the tear as well as cover and support the area around the tear. It has been thoroughly tested and approved by numerous government agencies and is a favorite of both conservators and collectors. Comes in a roll 2.5 cm x 10.66 metres.

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Document Repair Tape pack: $27.00 ($24.55) Hinging Tape self-hinging tape incorporates the strength and supple nature of Abaca paper (manila hemp), along with a very strong acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing. Gummed tapes are risky to use with inkjet prints because of their water sensitivity. In these cases a self-adhesive tape is a much safer alternative. is strong enough to hold large digital prints, and supple enough to adhere to the print without distorting. Abaca paper is acid-free, biodegradable, and comes from a self-sustaining plant. Comes on a roll 2.22 cm wide by 3.66 metres long.

application photo Hinging Tape pack: $26.00 ($23.64)