Ocean Shell Laminate
Paua shell laminate from New Zealand. Four pieces per pack with ideas, tips and general information.

pack choices

Laminate Pack: $15.00 ($13.64)



Glass Beads
Tiny pure glass beads approximately 1.5mm diameter, eight colour choices, all dual colours. We sell these in 100g packs.

colours and close ups

100g pack: $5.50 ($5.00)



Hand Dyed Emu Feathers
Exclusively Australian - these feathers are suburb to add into your pieces for that special extra. Seven colour themes.


Single Packet: $5.00 ($4.55)



Braidmaking Kit
Introduce yourself to the world of braidmaking. Each kit contains a disc ready to go and full instuctions.
$11.00 ($10.00)



Trinkets Department
Below - all manner of charms, faces, feet, hands, wings, you name it!

Two Feet
Metal, mid gold colour, 2.5 cm long, two to a pack.


Pack: $2.20 ($2.00)


Tiny Shoes
Very stylish! Solid metal, high heels, silver colour.


Pair of shoes: $3.50 ($3.18)


Face Beads
Metal, double sided, cast from lead free pewter. Can be threaded from top to bottom or side to side. Four per pack, in 'gold' or 'silver'.
Approximately 10mm x 12mm.


Set of 4 faces: $6.60 ($6.00)


Moon Faces
Little metallic faces, two sizes, 'small' (1.1cm diameter) and 'large' (1.8 cm diameter), medium gold colour. They complement the Art Girlz charms and the Wooden Hand/Feet/Heart sets we have in Petite and Grande.


Set of 6 large (1.8cm diameter) faces: $2.40 ($2.18)
Set of 6 small (1.1cm diameter) faces: $2.00 ($1.82)


Wooden Charm Sets
Two hands, two feet and a heart in each set. Two sizes, 'petite' (2cm axis) and 'grande' (3 cm axis)


Petite or Grande Set: $5.50 ($5.00)


Handbags Charm Set
Three different handbags plus one mobile phone.


Set of four: $5.50 ($5.00)


Wavy Hearts
Pair, each approximately 27mm x 18mm


Pair: $2.20 ($2.00)


Little Hands
Set of three, each approximately 27mm x 18mm


Set of three: $2.50 ($2.27)


Illuminations Charms
Five to a pack. These fit in well with our 'Illumination' themes.

pack contents

Pack: $3.50 ($3.18)


Illuminations Eyelets
Twenty five to a pack in a Fleur de Lys design that fits with our 'Illumination' themes.


Pack: $4.40 ($4.00)


Little Turkish 'Coins'
In 'Gold' with a hole near the edge, approx 14mm in diameter.20 per pack.
Pack: $4.40 ($4.00)



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