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Starburst Sets
$40.00 ($36.36) / set of five
Ten theme set choices

Full colour swatches are below the spray bottle pics,
but the bottle labels give a good idea of colour.


Autumn Leaves


Drop Dead Diva


Royal Shiraz


Sweet Treats


Industrial Chic


Victorian Bouquet


Jingle Bells


Summer of '89


Mermaid Seashells


Haunted Halloween


Nantucket Pearls


Prairie Wildflower


(This set contains 3 x Starbursts, 1 x Gltz Spritz
and 1 x Moonshadow Mist)


Pastel me Mushroom
(This set contains 3 x Starbursts
and 2 Flat Fabios)


Drink Me Silly


Drink Me Silly

Blue Hawaiian Blue

Cosmopolitan Pink

Fuzzy Navel Peach

My Mojito Green

A Bit o'Bubbly


Haunted Halloween

Freaky Franken-Lime

Ghostly Gargoyle White

Hag's Wort Orange

Witch's Potion Purple

Screamin' Banshee Black


Jingle Bells

Frosty Forest Green

Golden Lump o' Coal

Golden Sleigh Bells

Rudolph's Nose Red

Silent Night Silver


Mermaid Seashells

Azure Sea Asters

Cocklebells Coral

Glory of the Seas Gold

Opal Sea Oats

Sea Mint Green


Nantucket Pearls

Clam Bake Beige

Cape Cod Coral

Whale Watch Blue

Sea Grass Green

Salt Water Taffy


Prairie Wildflowers

Bachelor Button Blue

Bells of Ireland Green

Mission Bells Brown

Peony Scarlet Red

Yellow Rose of Texas


Summer of '89

Breakfast Club Blue

Open Arms Amythyst

Pretty in Pink Pink

Tainted Love Teal

Wake You Up Before You Go Gold


Sweet Treats

Tiffany's Blue

Creme Brulee Cream

Milk Chocolate Brown

Dark Chocolate Truffle

Cotton Candy Pink


Victorian Bouquet

Canna Lily Burnt Orange

Hydrangea Blue

Lucky Shamrock Green

Ramblin' Rose Pink

Sweet Violet Purple Teal

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