Glitz Spritz Example
and some instructions


1. Tap out any mica in sprayer tube before adding water.
2. Use HOT water (not boiling, but hot tap water), fill to the fill line on the label, stir with a stick and let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then shake. (If you donít wait, the binder will not dissolve fully and will clog the sprayer)
3. Keep the bottle more upright while spraying.
4. Shake before each use and periodically while you spray.

The easiest way to use the Spritz is just to spray your surface. Either air dry or heat dry with your heat gun. For different texture try pressing gently on the sprayer which will produce larger droplets, whilst pressing firmly will give you a fine mist.

If you find it won't spray at any time, simply take the nozzle out and clear the mica with a pin. A helpful video on all of this here.

The easiest way to use the Mist is just to spray your surface. Either air dry or heat dry with your heat gun. Add several colours for a wonderful metallic polka dot effect. However, a quick 'shot' of hair spray sometimes intensifies the colours. Experiment and see what effect you like.

Try placing a stencil onto your surface leaving a border of paper around the stencil. Spritz lightly or heavily as desired. Gently lift off the stencil for an easy and elegant effect.

For your journals and altered books, spray lightly around the outside of the page leaving the centre relatively clear. This ages the page and puts instant colour on it.


Card example

Card instructions

Using Glitz Spritz in Polished Copper spray a black card stock heavily until it looks like a large puddle. Quickly take a wadded-up piece of paper toweling and dab over entire paper until it looks like marble. Dry. Seal with hair spray.Foreground: Using a black COATED tag (uncoated tags will not give the same effect), spritz entire tag with Polished Copper Glitz Spritz until it beads up on tag. Dry with embossing gun. Seal with hair spray. Dry again (because of the coating, the Glitz Spritz does not air dry well). Using Moon Glow Embossing Powder in Midnight Emerald Obsidian stamp an all-over design. Brush off excess powder.

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