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$7.70 ($7.00) / detailer tip
$9.90 ($9.00) / medium tip
$9.90 ($9.00) / large tip
$9.90 ($9.00) / broad tip


Perfect for using with the Petite Palettes - a portable water brush.
Its lightweight design permits portability and eliminates the need to carry water bottles. Fabulous to use with your Magical Micas or Koh-i-noor paints.
Excellent in all sorts of places where you don't want to spill water. (eg planes?)
Four different brush types;
Detailer, Medium and Large Tip plus the flat Broad Tip.
The broad tip is excellent for watercolour washes and still lifes.


Three point types (two shown) and one broad brush.

Coin to give an idea of scale.

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