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Color Burst Sets
$49.50 ($45.00) / set of six

Customers - our apologies, we are currently out of stock of all set choices.

Amazing powder water colour medium that lets you create beautiful water colour techniques. It's great for water colour painting, fine art and mixed media. It's as easy as 'sprinkle and spritz'. With a few simple techniques you can create wax resist, stenciled and splattered looks, the results are stunning and the options are endless.

It works on all manner of papers - fabulous on khadi paper fusible webbing - just drop tiny amounts and spritz with water, or use with alcohol inks. Thicken with CMC paste for a magical covering - use with rubbing plates or your favourite stencils or porous surfaces. Seal with Acrylic Wax.

Spritz your project with water and sprinkle on Color Burst and create amazing designs.
Sprinkle Color Burst on dry paper and then spritz with water for a completely different look.
Dissolve in water and spray from a mister bottle to create your own custom mists.
Each bottle contains 6g of microfine watercolor powder; non toxic and acid free. Informative video here.


Galaxy colors:
Jupiter, Solar Flare, Terrestrial, Night Sky, Deep Space and Liquid Metals Platinum.


Essentials colors:
Zesr, Jack O' Lantern, Rouge, Marsala, Cornflower and Cabbage.


Fresh Florals
Fresh Florals colors:
Peony, Marigold, Sap Green, Naples Yellow, Prussian Blue and Wisteria.


Brights colors:
Ultramarine Blue, Lemon Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Phthalo Green, Violet,and Orange.


Rich Moroccan Shades
Rich Moroccan colors:
Lamp Black, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Scarlet, Gamboge, Olive Green and Cerulean Blue.


Earthtones colors:
Merlot, Indigo, Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Burnt Orange and Terre Verte.
(Earthtones is currently out of stock.)


Caribbean Brights
Caribbean colors:
Chartreuse, Fuchsia, Lime Green, Turquoise, Tangerine and Orchid. Sprinkle and spritz!
(Caribbean Brights is currently out of stock.)


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