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Starburst Squirts
$8.80 ($8.00) / spray bottle

Lindy's Squirts are a specialized dye system that is a thicker ink product you use as you would a fluid medium. Great for pouring, painting, mixed media, alcohol blending, collage, etc.

Dyes lend themselves to permanence on porous surfaces like fabric, paper, polymer, clay, leather, wood, etc. Squirts are easy to mix & tint acrylic paints, art mediums, gels, gessoes, etc., without diluting them or changing their consistency.


Colour choices shown below.

Canadian Bacon Blush


Maple Syrup


Emerald - eh


Polite People Purple


Hockey Puck Black


Loonie Toonie Teal


Poutine Gold


Oh Canada Crimson


Banff Blue



Beaver Tail Brown




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