The Thread Studio™ is a mail order business established in 1995, based in Australia, but selling world-wide. We specialise in unusual and interesting embroidery threads, hand dyed fibres and fabrics, and textile art and mixed media supplies.

The galleries department has many pieces in its six sections. Try the catalogue for the products we retail and the calendar for details on our whereabouts.
Many art related sites are listed in links, and for web learning, check out the online workshops. Finally, you can join up for our monthly newsletter here.

What's New
Catalogue Experimentation (Stencils)
Joggles Stencils / masks - 6 new ones. (24th July)
Catalogue Magazines (Stitch)
Northern Autumn. (24th July)
Catalogue Magazines (Quilting Arts)
Issue 70. (23rd July)
Catalogue Experimentation (Stamping)
Blockwallah Indian Printing Blocks. (13th July)
Catalogue Colour (Paints)
Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics - eleven new colours. (7th July)
Catalogue Clubs
New club - 'An Artful Journey'. (5th July)
Catalogue Experimentation (Hardware)
Japanese Screw Punch is back. (2nd July)
Catalogue Monthly Explosion
July Explosion (2nd July)
Catalogue Colour (Moon Glow Range)
July Feature Set (2nd July)
Catalogue E-mag threads.In-fusion
Issue 5 now available (1st July)
Catalogue Experimentation (Mould/Texture)
Kaleidoscope Rubbing Plate Set (25th June)
Catalogue Magazines (Cloth Paper Scissors)
Issue 55, July/August (25th June)
Catalogue Magazines (Modern Patchwork)
Northern Summer (25th June)
Catalogue Magazines (Belle Armoire)
Northern Summer (25th June)
Catalogue Magazines (Art Journaling)
Northern Summer (25th June)
Catalogue Colour (Waxes / Pens)
Treasure Gold and Treasure Jewels are back! (18th June)
Catalogue Magazines (Felt)
Issue 11 (8th June)
Catalogue Magazines (Vintage Made)
Issue 3 (7th June)
Catalogue Colour (Moon Glow Range)
Spray Trios - three new ones (2nd June)

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