The Thread Studio™ is a mail order business established in 1995, based in Australia, but selling world-wide. We specialise in unusual and interesting embroidery threads, hand dyed fibres and fabrics, and textile art and mixed media supplies.

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Thread of the Week
The Wonderful Painters Pearl 8

What's New
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stamping)
Unmounted rubber stamp sheets. (14th February)
Catalogue   Hand Threads (Hand Dyed UK / USA)
Filament Silk Wrapped Gimp (1st February)
Catalogue   Colour (Jane Davenport)
Aquapastels water colour crayons (2nd February)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Natural Bits)
Kozo Fibre Sheets (29th January)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Fun Bits)
Magic Moulding Mesh is back! (24th January)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stencils)
The latest from The Crafter's Workshop (23rd January)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Mould / Texture)
Magic Stamp. (21st January)
Catalogue   Machine Threads (Bobbins / Miscellaneous)
Iron 'n Fuse and Rinse 'n Gone. (16th January)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Gel Press Plates)
Medium and Small Plates. (13th January)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Silk Bits)
Hand Dyed Silk Loom Ends. (12th January)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Undyed Fabrics)
Margilan Silk Gauze. (10th January)
Catalogue   Clubs (Hand Threads Clubs)
Hand thread clubs for 2018. (9th January)
Catalogue   Hand Threads (Painters Threads)
Painters Cotton Tape standard range and pastel range (6th January)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Chiffon Scarves)
Hand dyed selection. (4th January)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stamping)
Carabelle Studio Stamps - latest designs. (2nd January)


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